Ian Walker
Dear Mr Trang I thought you might appreciate some personal thoughts from our recent trekking experience in Sapa. 1. The train journey both ways was much better than I expected and we were both VERY pleased to have taken the 2 pax cabin option. Looking at four persons squeezing into the same size area would not have been at all appealing! I would suggest that you emphasise this option a bit more as the cost is reasonable and the experience just so much more enjoyable. 2. I was really impressed with our guide Nguyen Van Chuong (Sunny"). He was first rate, spoke excellent English and was very responsive to our needs. At times Michael struggled with the conditions, particularly on a couple of very warm days and Sunny always came up with "options", varying the route as required. He always consulted the two of us and we always followed his advice. He is an excellent guide, has a lovely personality, and is a warm and genuine person. He treated our two porters with respect. You are lucky to have him! 3. It was very disappointing to see the amount of litter and rubbish spread all over Mt Fansipan! I know you have no control over that, but very sad. Even on the summit where there was a half empty rubbish tin, water bottles were spread everywhere. Sunny was pretty disgusted. 4. The toilet facilities on Mt Fansipan leave a lot to be desired, something the authorities really need to get on top off. The facilities at Camp 2800 were absolutely disgusting! 5. Having said that, climbing Mt Fansipan was very rewarding and we had very good weather and good views from the top. Very very pleased that we had the opportunity to do this. Not too sure about the new cableway though? 6. The homestay accommodation was a great experience although the stay at Seo Trung Ho was rather dirty. However, the actual location was one of the nicest that we visited. As I recall, this was one of the minor changes to the itinerary to accommodate Michael. Other than that I was more than happy with the standard of accommodation. 7. Food - superb!! Every meal was a delight and the selection was great. I really liked the rice wine! One very minor thing - there did not seem to be a ready supply of coffee bags? Coffee does make a nice change from tea. Overall, the trek was a great and enjoyable experience. I would be very happy to recommend to any of my friends or family undertaking a Sapa trek organised by Dream Travel. Thank you very much for everything you did. Kind regards Ian Walker
Tomorrow will be our last day in Vietnam & Thank you for the arrangements. I did not expect to get another 1/2 day city tour for free. It will start at 8 to 8.15 and another driver will pick us up at 1.40 for the airport. Hope everything will run smoothly. Anyway, if you'd like to consider what i type below as a testimonial, please hide my contact details (phone, emails, etc) & my last name. Sometimes the arrangement is a bit last minute but the trip went smoothly. At first, it is a bit of gambling to book a trip but you and your team are committed and exceeded our expectation. My mom and I had fun and both of us thanks you. We would recommend Dream to arrange Vietnam trips to our friends and family. I neither do backpacking trips nor the luxurious ones. We agreed on 3 star hotel but the day trips was able to show us a lot of experience and good value of money. Hotel locations are always strategic where we can find dinner easily and at the heart of the city. They are clean, as well as comfortable boutique hotels. (Except Queen Ann, the bathroom is less comfy compare to other hotels, but it is still bearable. The rest are fine). And the day trips are also good & punctual. With all-in package (entrance, etc) it saves a lot of headache. Food was also good & clean. It was a lot of experience in 9 days. Thank you for your assistance & we wish you and your team success. Regards, Nita
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